eClosing: A Title and Digital Closing Company that Realtors Trust

eClosing.com empowers thousands of Realtors in 36 states to make closing hassle-free and seamless for their clients. Trusted by leading mortgage lenders in the nation, our digital closing and title transfer systems enable real estate buyers and sellers to securely close in less than 15 minutes from any part of the United States, or the world for that matter (even when they are on vacation in Costa Rica). As a real estate professional, this can mean the world to you as you get raving feedback and more referral business. Our systems also bring efficiency in your day-to-day operations as you are able to leverage more flexible closing schedules and can coordinate with all parties more efficiently. Also, say yes to people looking to make real estate purchase remotely online with confidence and expend your pool of potential buyers.

Why eClosing.com

As a leading title transfer and closing company in the nation, eClosing is a fully approved company, equipped to take care of all your title inspection, transfer, insurance, settlement and closing needs. We offer Realtors a range of benefits:

Secure and Legal
With secondary market leaders such as Fannie Mae backing eClosing, the digitalization of the closing and title transfer process is all set to take the real estate industry by storm. A growing number of states are now allowing Remote Online Notarization (RON), so eClosing has become a more secure and completely legal way of closing. Unlike paper closing, eClosing is considered tamper-evident.

Business On The Go
No need to fight traffic and waste time travelling for closing. eClosing liberates you from being physically tied to closing schedules. Get contracts signed on the go.

Faster and Cost-Efficient
Closing and title transfer process doesn’t necessarily have to be cumbersome and time consuming. Our eClosing systems enable you to help your clients close in less than 15 minutes from anywhere.

Smart Closing
Allow your clients plenty of time to review mortgage documents, contracts and disclosures before they sign. Paperwork that borrowers, sellers, and buyers usually receive at closing, is available in electronic form ahead of time.

Expend Your Pool of Potential Buyers
eClosing helps you cast a wider net in your marketing campaigns as you can target not only out-of-state buyers, but international clients also with confidence. By empowering you to work with people from anywhere in the world, eClosing expends your business to new limits.

Be The New-Age Realtor
Enter the digital age with eClosing. While a growing number of lenders are implementing hybrid/full digital closing systems with the help of MERS eRegistry, most counties across the national are now equipped to electronically record documents. Keep pace with technology to meet the expectations of tech-savvy millennials.

More Referral Business
eClosing makes title transfer and mortgage closing – two of most cumbersome steps in any real estate transaction – extremely convenient and hassle-free. Our partners tend to get a lot of referral business due to an improved customer satisfaction rate.

What eClosing.com Offers


Time Saving Technology for Title Transfer and Mortgage Closing


Excellent Support Team


Flexibility as We Work Around Your Busy Schedule

(not the other way round)


Hassle-free and Smooth Closing Every Time

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