eClosing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma implemented the legislation allowing Remote Online Notary (RON) January 1, 2020 after enacting it in May, 2019. As the law lays out clear guidelines with regard to RON procedures and the use of electronic signatures and seals, the lenders and real estate professionals can now offer their clients a seamless eMortgage experience where mortgage closing and title transfer formalities can be performed online with the help of MERS eRegistry system and documents can be notarized using audio and video technologies. It means that real estate buyers and sellers no longer have to be physically present for wet-signing documents.

While online closing ensures faster turn times on secondary markets for lenders, the buyers and sellers experience a quick and hassle-free closing due to the faster release of funds. eClosing also minimizes cumbersome paperwork and chances of missed signatures.

It’s a huge advantage because borrowers usually have to provide their signature several times on over 20 documents just during the mortgage underwriting process in a traditional closing in Oklahoma. Documents signed electronically are considered tamper-evident and free of signature-related errors. No wonder Fannie Mae calls eMortgage the future of the mortgage industry.

eClosing.com is one of the leading and most trusted online closing and remote title transfer platforms in Oklahoma. Our expert professionals provide lenders, real estate professionals, buyers and sellers all types of online closing services – from hybrid to fully remote solutions. We partner with Oklahoma lenders and help them transition from traditional paper closings to digital closing.

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eClosing at a Glance in Oklahoma

Notaries in Oklahoma can now do away with cumbersome and time-consuming traditional notarization process that involves printing, mailing, storing, and organizing costs associated with paper-based documents.

In Oklahoma notaries can notarize documents using digital tools and a live audio/video connection. They can also perform electronic notarization where physical presence is required by law.

Electronic Notary (e-Notarization):


Remote Online Notary (RON):


RON paves the way for remote online closings and fully digital mortgage closings by extension. By implementing RON, Oklahoma took a big stride towards fully digitalizing the title transfer and mortgage closing process.

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Buying or selling a home in Oklahoma with eClosing

Here are some of the biggest factors that draw a lot of entrepreneurs, professionals, and families to Oklahoma:

  • Incredibly affordable housing,
  • low cost of living,
  • booming economy,
  • favorable conditions for setting up a new business,
  • close-knit southern feel and
  • ample employment opportunities created by the nation’s largest oil and gas, agricultural, and aerospace sectors.

The state is home to five Fortune 500 companies including Devon Energy Corp., Chesapeake Energy Corp., and ONEOK, Inc.

If you are buying or selling a home in Oklahoma, you should know that our eClosing solutions can help you save a substantial amount of money and time that you otherwise have to spend dealing with paperwork and formalities in a traditional closing. You can close on any type of Oklahoma property – commercial as well as residential – from any part of the United States and in some cases, anywhere around the world.

Anywhere, anytime eClosing in Oklahoma

Here are some of the Oklahoma cities, towns and counties where we provide remote online closing and title transfer solutions (even if the place is not listed below, you should know that you can get eClosing anywhere across the state):

Oklahoma Locations

Broken Arrow
Midwest City

Oklahoma City

Canadian County
Cleveland County
Comanche County
Creek County
Garfield County
Grady County
Le Flore County
Muskogee County

Oklahoma County
Payne County
Pottawatomie County
Rogers County
Tulsa County
Wagoner County
Washington County

Don’t see the place listed above? Don’t worry! Just get in touch with us for an online closing for anywhere in Oklahoma.

The Future of Closing Is Digital

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