eClosing in Tennessee

Tennessee adopted Remote Online Notary (RON) in July, 2019, paving the way for fully remote mortgage closings. What it basically means is that notes and other documents can be eNotarized remotely without the need for physical presence of the parties involved in the closing including lenders, real estate agents and home buyers and sellers. The title transfer can also occur online. eNotarization can be performed through video/audio conferencing which makes it the most convenient and cost-effective way of closing on properties and title transfer in Tennessee and most other states in the nation where it is allowed.

eClosing.com is a fully approved agency to process mortgage closings digitally in Tennessee. When working with our online closing professionals, you get full-stack digital title transfer services. We also partner with Tennessee lenders and real estate professionals including realtors and lawyers and help them transition from paper closing to eClosing.

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eClosing at a Glance in Tennessee

Tennessee allows all types of digital mortgage closings and online title transfers. It means that the lenders in Tennessee can either follow a hybrid electronic closing system or go fully digital for mortgage and title transfer formalities.

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Electronic Notary (e-Notarization):


Remote Online Notary (RON):


RON is the most powerful tool in the eClosing process. By generating eNotes and registering it on MERS eRegistry, lenders can implement either hybrid or fully remote online mortgage closing process. The title can also be transferred and recorded online.

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Buying or Selling a Home with eClosing in Tennessee

If you hate paying income tax and love music, literature and whiskey, you would definitely want to buy a home in Tennessee. Tennessee is also known for its historic sites, beautiful mountains, breathtaking views of landscapes during the fall season and natural caves. A lot of families move to Tennessee drawn by the lower cost of living and good quality school districts.

If you are buying or selling any type of property including a vacation home in Tennessee, we – here at eClosing.com – can make title transfer online extremely convenient and hassle-free. You don’t have to waste money and time on all the formalities and obligations including signing a bunch of documents. You also don’t have to be physically present for closing on a home in Tennessee. Online closing is now a completely government-approved process. It’s considered safer and more tamper-evident than paper closing.

If you’re a lender or real estate agent looking to transition from paper closing to digital closing, contact us today. A growing number of real estate professionals are leveraging the security and convenience that eClosing brings to real estate deals. Visit this page to learn how going digital can improve your business’s bottom line.

Anywhere, anytime eClosing in Tennessee

You can get eClosing services from eClosing.com professionals anywhere, anytime. Though we provide online title transfer and closing services in all cities, towns and counties in South Dakota, here are some of the places where you can get our services in the state (be sure to contact us even if the place where you are buying or selling properties is not listed below):

Tennessee Locations


Johnson City

Davidson County
Shelby County
Knox County
Hamilton County
Montgomery County

Rutherford County
Sumner County
Sullivan County
Williamson County
Wilson County

Even if the name of the place is not listed above, you can get in touch with us for online closing service anywhere in Tennessee.

The Future of Closing Is Digital

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