eClosing in Texas

Texas was one of the first states in the nation to adopt Remote Online Notarization (RON). Since the concept of eNotarization has gained momentum in Texas, many lenders, real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers are now performing digital mortgage closing and title transfer. There is a growing awareness among home buyers and sellers in the state about digital closing and how it brings convenience and efficiency to a real estate deal.

A remote eClosing allows home buyers and sellers to review documents ahead of time and electronically sign them remotely using online audio and video communication technology. It means that they don’t have to be physically present for identity verification, recording of the documents with the local county and other formalities related to notarization, closing and title transfer. eClosing.com has helped hundreds of people close on mortgages remotely in less than 15 minutes.

eClosing.com is an approved remote closing platform equipped to handle all types of online mortgage closing and title transfer formalities. Using our platform, you can conduct hybrid closing (key documents such as the promissory note and security instrument can be printed to paper and wet-signed, while other documents are signed electronically) or fully remote online closing (where all the formalities including signing and recording of documents occur remotely, through audio and video communication technologies such as a webcam).

Top lenders in the nation as well as real estate agencies partner with us to offer a seamless eMortgage experience to their clients. We help Texas lenders implement eClosing and reduce turn times on the secondary markets (from 2-3 weeks to a day or two).

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eClosing at a Glance in Texas

Since law concerning the Remote Online Notary (RON) came into effect in Texas in July, 2018, eClosing has become commonplace in Texas.

Electronic Notary (e-Notarization):


Remote Online Notary (RON):


To learn more the difference between electronic notary and Remote Online Notary, visit this page. In a nutshell, electronic notary and RON offers several advantaged compared to traditional notary where all the parties have to ‘wet-sign’ documents in person. RON not only offers convenience, but also is considered more secure and tamper-evident method of document notarization.

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Buying or Selling a Home with eClosing in Texas

Warm sunny days, affordable homes sitting on large wooden lots, low cost of living, a great education system, high employment rate and several other similar features draws a lot of families and individuals to Texas.

If you are planning to buy a home after moving to Texas or to invest in real estate here, we – here at eClosing.com – can help you close on a property deal from anywhere around the world. You don’t have to waste and money travelling and signing a bunch of documents.

Anywhere, anytime eClosing in Texas

eClosing.com provides online mortgage closing and title transfer services in all cities, towns and counites of Texas. No matter where you are closing on a home, you can rely on eClosing.com professionals to handle all your title transfer needs. Here are a just a few of the cities and counties where we can help you close a real estate deal digitally:

Texas Locations

Corpus Christi
El Paso

Fort Worth
San Antonio

Bell County
Bexar County
Brazoria County
Cameron County
Collin County
Dallas County
Denton County
El Paso County
Fort Bend County
Galveston County

Harris County
Hidalgo County
Jefferson County
Lubbock County
Montgomery County
Nueces County
Tarrant County
Travis County
Webb County

Even if a place is not listed above, rest assured that we would be able to help you close. Our system helps lenders, real estate agents, property buyers and sellers to work in perfect coordination and finish closing formalities within a few minutes.

The Future of Closing Is Digital

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